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037: Marketing Multiple Car Wash Brands w/ Laura Edgmond

When you pull over for a car wash, you're probably not thinking about marketing at that very moment.

Well, Laura Edgmond is.

That's because she works as a marketer in the car wash industry, helping fine-tune the marketing machine that is National Carwash Solutions (NCS), the parent company of many of the industry's leading brands.

As Marketing Manager for NCS, Laura helps position and strengthen NCS brands, while also executing lead generation and digital marketing campaigns.

Laura will be joining the Art of Marketing Podcast this week to share insights on marketing for multiple brands, managing a rebranding initiative and the coronavirus pandemic's unique impact on the car wash industry.

Topics we will cover include:

-Marketing multiple brands under one company

-Managing a major rebranding initiative

-Impact of the pandemic on the car wash industry

-Lead generation and digital marketing tactics

-Live Q&A in the comments


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