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039: Understanding Customer Behavior and Conversion Tactics w/ Viv Amatuzzi

Understanding Customer Behavior and Conversion Tactics w/ Viv Amatuzzi

When it comes to increasing consumer engagement, few companies do it better than Netflix.

The streaming giant has become synonymous with "binge-watching," thanks to their captivating original content and individually-targeted algorithm.

Viv Amatuzzi is all too familiar with Netflix's engagement strategy, having previously worked for the company, testing variables to increase viewer retention rate and watch time. Since then, Viv has held creative and strategic roles at several high-profile companies. She currently serves as Director of Conversion for 360i, an integrated creative and media agency.

Hear from Viv Amatuzzi, Director of Conversion at 360i, a media agency based in Chicago. 360i is a fully integrated creative and media agency that helps brands capitalize on change. As a highly strategic creative and media partner with a deep understanding of how people discover brands and share stories, they don’t just react to changes in the marketplace – they predict and define them.

Viv has extensive customer behavior experience, including a stint at Netflix testing variables that increase viewer retention and watch time.

Topics to be covered include:

- Customer engagement and conversion tactics

- Consumer insights from studying Netflix viewer behavior

- Keys to a strong conversion strategy

- How to better capture leads, drive sales and more

- Live Q&A in the comments

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