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035: Selling the Value of a Private College Education w/ Cathy Cole

How do you sell the value of a private college education during a pandemic?

It's a difficult question, but the Art of Marketing Podcast aims to answer it, with special guest Catherine Cole, VP of Marketing and Strategic Communications for Simpson College.

Cathy is a Harvard-certified crisis communicator and holds a master's degree in integrated marketing communication.

Though she began her career as a journalist, Cathy segued those skills to higher ed when she took a position at Wichita State University.

From there, she has worked at a range of universities across the country. Cathy will joining our panel to discuss marketing strategies in higher education, as well as her unique experiences at Simpson College during the pandemic.

Topics we will cover include: How the pandemic has affected higher education The challenge of selling a private education Outcomes from the college's strategic marketing Live Q&A in the comments


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