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034: What Does it Take to be a Successful Company? w/ Kathleen Riessen

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

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What does it really take to be a successful company?

Today, the Art of Marketing Podcast aims to answer that question, with special guest Kathleen Riessen.

Kathleen is a serial entrepreneur. After a short stint in an agency, she started her own marketing firm, Measured Intentions, with the goal of "creating marketing with purpose that drives bottom-line results." Kathleen's passion turned to helping other business owners be successful. So, after 10 years, she sold the agency and became a full-time business mentor and coach. In addition to serving as a leadership and business coach, Kathleen runs a weekly radio show/podcast called Profit Launch.

She is also the author of the book "Joy in Uncertainty: A Guide to Creating a Meaningful Life," released in 2020.

Kathleen will be joining our panel to discuss key marketing characteristics that set successful companies apart.

Topics we will cover include:

-Key characteristics of successful companies

-How to avoid company growth limitations

-Insights from executive coaching

-Live Q&A in the comments

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