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033: Healthcare Marketing from the Front Lines w/ Janell Pittman

"Even after working all day, when I went home, I actually made masks. The idea of stopping when my clinical colleagues were still on the floor...I had to help in any way I could."

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted all sectors of the economy, but nowhere has that impact been greater than in health care.

This week, the Art of Marketing Podcast takes a look at health care from behind the front lines, with special guest Janell Pittman, Chief Marketing and Digital Strategy Officer for MercyOne. Janell has an interesting career with marketing and consulting experience in the oil, publishing, consumer product, and healthcare industries.

With over 400 care locations, MercyOne is one of the largest systems of hospitals, clinics and health care facilities in Iowa.

Janell will be discussing the unique challenges MercyOne has faced throughout the pandemic, as well as how the organization has shifted its messaging and marketing.

Topics we will cover include:

-Health care during a pandemic

-Digital communication strategies

-The MercyOne rebrand

-Live Q&A in the comments

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